• Rats

  • Rats are rodents that often find their way into homes, causing a problem for both the owners and home itself. Larger than mice, rats are identifiable by their long feet and oversized heads. However rats tend to hide, so if you suspect a rodent infestation you can determine a rat by its larger, rough edged bite marks.

    The most obvious sign of rats in your house is seeing one either dead or alive. Since rats are experts at hiding, seeing a rat in your home likely means the population is forcing them into the open and as a result you could have a full blown infestation.

    Other indicators of rat activity include rat droppings around your house or dirt and grease marks on either the walls or floors. Outside of the home, you may find rat runs in grass or low shrubbery where the plants have been flattened down as a road for the rodents. Once the rat establishes these paths, it will continue to follow this same route.

    While rats do not go directly attack humans in the way that bed bugs or mosquitoes do, rats are a serious problem for many reasons. Most notably, rats carry dangerous diseases. Additionally, their destructive eating habits cause structural problems. Actives such as creating nests in the walls, chewing on electrical wires, and gnawing at pipes can create major problems in your home.

    Rats can be tricky to capture; they are sneaky, nighttime creatures that are smart enough to avoid traps in their paths. There are also different types of rats, the most common being Norway Rats or Roof Rats, that each act differently and require specific extraction techniques. To identify which rats are causing a problem in your home and to effectively remove them in your building, contact our experts. We will come to your home and determine whether it is infested or not. If so, our team will start our removal process right away to assure that your home is free of rats.