• Pigeons

  • Pigeons are one of the most common species of birds. They have become regulars in almost every living environment from cities to farmlands. Theses birds have large bodies with short legs and small heads. Their feathers are mainly brown or gray with hints of coloring. Pigeons exhibit rounded tails and reddish feet.

    Once used as effective communicators during wars, today these birds are primarily considered a nuisance. Pigeons feed in flocks during the morning and early afternoon. They mainly eat seeds and fruits. However, city pigeons are known to eat popcorn, cake, bread, and more.

    At night pigeons return to their nests to protect their homes. Pigeons do not rebuild nests which can create a dirty environment. This repeated use of nests without cleaning causes a buildup of debris, feces, and even the remains of unhatched or dead baby birds.

    The biggest problem with pigeons is how dirty they are. Pigeons can carry many diseases creating unhealthy environments. Additionally, the presence of pigeons leads to increase droppings which can stain and erode buildings. Bird nests around electrical wires can cause fire hazards.

    Pigeons can be hard to get rid of so if you are having a pigeon problem contact us today. We can work out the best solution for you and your home. Schedule an appointment with us for a free estimate to eliminate pigeons in your home.