• Moles

  • Moles are underground critters that dig tunnels under yards and gardens. Their bodies have velvety gray fur that covers much of their eyes and ears. Moles primarily use their nose to find their way through dirt. Their pointed snout and rounded front feet with large claws help them burrow tunnels both at the surface and up to two feet below. As burrowers, moles feed on earthworms, ants, beetle grubs and more.

    Moles spend most of their time underground so your chances of seeing them are unlikely. The best way to determine whether you have a mole problem is to look for above ground signs of tunnels. Surface tunnels, which are used for feeding, are easy to see. These paths leave raised raised mounds or ridges in your yard. Deep tunnels are commonly used for nesting and may be harder to locate.

    The amount of tunnels on the surface is not always an indicator of the amount moles present or even if moles are still there. One way to test if the mole tunnels are still active is by poking holes in the ridges. If in a few days the holes have been fixed and covered up, the moles are still active in the tunnel.

    The biggest concern with moles in yards are their elaborate tunnels that can ruin landscaping and gardening. Due to their underground nature, trapping moles can be difficult. The best methods include trapping and baiting.

    Contact us today if you suspect that your yard has a mole problem. Our team can schedule an appointment for a free estimate to eliminate moles in your yard, helping to keep your landscaping beautiful and your garden flourishing.