• If you are facing a mice infestation, getting rid of them should be on top of your priority list. Most of them are hiding in the walls or come from the outside, in another shelter. But regardless of where they are found inside or around your home, you will have to eliminate them because they carry lots of bad stuff, including disease.

    First of all, all species of mice that come into your home are attracted to food. As a matter of fact, it is food that they’re mostly interested in. While they may breed and build shelter in your home, the first thing you need to realize is that you can’t give them what they originally want, which is food. They are particularly attracted to all sweet things including fruits, bread, cheese, and others. They also feast on meat. In storing leftover food, you have to use tightly sealed plastic or glass containers. If there are crumbs after you eat in the kitchen, be sure you sweep them clean.

    Seal Entry Points

    Examine your home carefully and try to find any small holes and cracks. Remember that even a hole as small as a dime is enough for mice to squeeze in. seal all of them so that you prevent mice coming from the outside to enter your home. You also prevent those already inside from traveling or transferring with convenience from one room to the other. You also can use wire mesh in order to cover larger holes. The tiniest holes on the other hand can be sealed using crushed aluminum foil. Do not use plastic or paper in sealing because a mouse will only chew through it.

    nestGetting Rid of Nesting Spots

    Any potential nesting spot has to be removed as well. This includes stacks of paper, unused furniture, and piles of clothing. Don’t make your living space as if it is a hospitable area for mice to thrive. Furthermore, the surrounding area of your home will have to be cleaned, too. Aside from the inside, mice can also thrive outside while peeking in to see if you have leftover food for them. So cut tall grasses and thick trees and shrubs. They can become effective hiding places not just for mice but also for other types of rodents.

    Using Traps

    Still the most effective mouse trap inside the home is the conventional spring type. But you do have to use them using bait like bacon, cheese, or peanut butter. But you can’t just put them in any place you want because you might be putting your kids and pets at risk of getting injured by the trap. Put the conventional spring trap to areas where you believe mice are foraging.

    Another option is the catch trap. It works by luring mice to enter a specific structure like a bowl. As soon as they get in, they won’t be able to get out and escape. But unlike the spring type, you will have to check a catch trap at least once every day, the purpose of which is for you to be able to get rid of the mouse that’s been trapped, if there’s one of course.

    Mouse baits on the other hand are effective and dangerous at the same time. This time, you will be delivering a dose of poison to the mice, which means that you might also be giving them to your pets. This method is quite effective in extermination but the problem is that in most instances, a mouse might die in the most inconvenient locations, which leads to lingering, gross, and highly unpleasant odor.

    leave it to the prosHiring Pros Instead

    But by hiring a pro, you no longer will need to think about all those ways of getting rid of mice. With the kind of equipment, training, skills, and experience they have, pest control pros will be able to easily locate any area of your home that is infested by mice. They also will be more than qualified to use different methods to get rid of them for good. So if you want to address your mice problem at home, it is best that you hire the pros instead. You’d be paying for it, obviously, but it’s worth it if your mice in your property are eliminated.