• Even if you have all the skills to perform DIY pest control, you still cannot deny the fact that getting rid of mice is best achieved by hiring a professional pest control company. If you’ve been watching all those YouTube videos on how to eliminate the rodents in your home, you still don’t have all the right tools to do it. That’s why we always recommend hiring the experts if you want your mice problem solved right away.

    But what if you’re just too stubborn to heed our advice, then you might as well find yourself visiting your nearest hardware or home improvement store to look for stuff to kill or deter mice at home. Now here’s a list of the best ways and the best tools to use if you’re doing it yourself.

    1 – Snap Traps

    mice exterminatorSnap traps are the most conventional tools for getting rid of a mouse at home. They’ve been in use by millions of homeowners for decades. The snap trap best works when baited with some kind of sticky food. It has a heavy gauge steel spring bar designed to kill the mouse when the trap is activated or sprung. One great thing about a snap trap is that it’ll be easier to clean it up compared to other options on this list. They also are quite affordable. But it isn’t advisable to be placed in areas that are easily accessible to kids and pets.

    2 – Live Traps

    Live traps meanwhile don’t kill the mice; instead, they trap the animal while it searches for food. Traps like this need to be checked every day so that the animal won’t suffer from dehydration and hunger. This is best used for people who don’t intend to kill an animal, even if it is a mouse. But once you catch one, be sure you relocate it several miles away from home so that it won’t come back.

    3 – Glue Traps

    glue trapThis kind of trap is not ideal for homeowners who don’t want to see mice suffer, even if they’re pests. Glue traps will be effective in trapping a mouse because they have a sticky substance placed on a tray or board. When the unsuspecting rodent sees the food and approaches it, it will be trapped in the sticky substance. It won’t kill the mouse instantly, so it basically allows a slow and painful death caused by starvation and dehydration.

    4 – Poison

    Rodent poison is another way of getting rid of mice and these days you can easily purchase them in any home improvement and supply store. When a mouse ingests this poison, it will affect their ability to clot blood, resulting to internal bleeding and death. The problem with this method is that when the poisoned mouse die inside your walls or underneath your flooring, then the awful smell will last for weeks if you can’t find the dead mouse in time.

    5 – Electronic Mouse Traps

    This is by far the most advanced of all the methods of mice elimination. It uses electric shock that will kill the mouse in seconds. As soon as the mouse steps into the internal plate, it will activate the circuit within that trap and receives a shock that’s enough to stop his heart. It uses four AA batteries and is very easy to use. The only problem is that it costs a lot more compared to the other methods on this list.

    In the end, if you want to totally get rid of mice in your home, the best way to do it is by calling the pros, although you might be thinking twice because of the relatively high cost of paying for professional pest extermination. But if you feel like the problem is not that serious and you only see a few mice, then you might want to weigh on all those options we just discussed. Just make sure you’re picking the ideal way based on the kind of “mice situation” you have at home.