• Keeping Baltimore Pest Free!

  • Integrated Pest Management Solutions & Services

    Pest problems are unique and there is no "one size fits all" solution. Our exterminators assess your specific issues and treat for the problems accordingly. We don't over treat however we do ensure that our treatments are effective! ask about our integrated pest control solutions.

    We offer humane pest control solutions

    We treat your home or business with effective yet humane solutions. We'll remove troublesome pests from your property in the most humane way possible and whenever possible, we'll relocate the pest to another location, far from your property.

    • We service residential and commercial customers.
    • We offer a price match guarantee and will not be beat on price.
    • Our exterminators have years of experience and are fully licensed, certified and insured.
    • We have 100s of happy customers and provide a satisfaction guarantee.
    • We offer same day response and free price estimates for residential and commercial properties.
    • We offer discounts pest control services, save up to $50 on pest control.
    • Same Day Service Available.
    • Guaranteed Solution In 24 Hrs.

    Why should I hire a company when I can do it by myself?

    The most important reason to hire a pest control company is for safety. Sure, there are home remedies and chemicals you can buy and spray all over your home, but that leaves room for a lot of hazards to you and your family’s safety. Using store bought chemicals without much knowledge on the subject may make your pest problem even worse. Pest control companies are licensed. We know about pesticide toxicity, and what dosages to use. We understand which kind of pesticide to use for the pest situation you are presented with. There are a variety of different measures to take to eliminate pests. We know the best methods and can carry them out in a safe manner.

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  • Will the pesticides used harm my family, pets or home?

    Pesticides are toxic. Their job is to kill pests in a home or workplace. If you are trying to get rid of pests on your own, and you use the pesticides carelessly, they are likely to be harmful for children, pets, and pregnant women. Hiring a professional company will ensure that the chemicals are handled and distributed properly. Pesticides are dangerous and have the potential to harm your family if used incorrectly therefore, we advise that you always engage the services of a professional pest control company like ours.

  • Areas of expertise

  • Bedbugs are a growing problem in Baltimore. If your home has a bedbug infestation, contact us ASAP for help.

  • Wasps can be dangerous when aggravated, therefore you should always call a professional. Call us for professional help.

  • The biggest threat cockroaches present to your home is the ability to carry disease. Call us for a free estimate to eliminate cockroaches from your house.

  • While may seem like a nuisance but they are associated with over 100 pathogens including E.Coli and Salmonella. Call us for help eliminating flies.

  • Moth problems come from those that nest in pantries. These moths can damage and contaminate your food. Call us for help.

  • Sometimes, foxes can be threatening to your home or family. Foxes may use your home as a place to make a den during harsh winters or when raising their kit.

  • Moles create elaborate tunnels in yards that can ruin landscaping and gardening. Due to their underground nature, trapping moles can be difficult. Call us for help.

  • Mice are a common household problem., click through here for more details on treating mice in your home.

  • While rats do not go directly attack humans in the way that bed bugs or mosquitoes do, rats are a serious problem for many reasons. Contact us for professional help.

  • Pigeons can be hard to get rid of so if you are having a pigeon problem contact us today. We can work out the best solution for you and your home.

  • Rabbits are primarily a simple nuisance for homeowners. Our professionals can help you control your rabbit population. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

  • Getting rid of a squirrel problem is not very easy. Many tree squirrels are protected species. Because of this, it is often wise to contact experts before trying to handle your squirrel situation. Call us now for a free estimate.